Thursday, August 03, 2006

My LONG Summer

Sometimes life really throws a big curve ball. My summer has been one big question mark. A path filled with decision making that has been mandatory but the choices just really are lousy. Back in May my mother had a Hemorrhagic Stroke caused by an Aneurysm. Brain surgery, a coma, assessing motor skills, prognosis- realistic prognosis, finding a convalescent home that offers decent rehab- all things that I have had no choice but to handle on my own. I only thought the decision making was hard before. Now the reality is that I have spent 3 months trying to make the best decisions for someone who is always mentally compromised but now her brain function is also working against her.

I only thought that she wasn't the same person last spring. Now I know it, see it almost daily.

Daily because she is & has been city based since May. Eventually, if well enough she might return upstate but for now she is very close to me & with her is where any & all of my free time has been spent. She needs help & it has become even more apparent that I really am all she has.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

3 Months Is Long Enough

for an unintended hiatus anyway. I say unintended because well, it was. Life sort of got in the way & situations demanded my attention. I am back now though & ready to write a bit more. I have checked email all along & I really am grateful for all of the continued interest & contact. You guys are honestly amazing!

Lots to discuss, lots to say, but first- tell me how your summer has been.